Sidebar Backgrounds

This is an example of using a 'sidebar' style background image. All screen resolutions up to and including 768 x 1024 will only tile this image vertically creating a decorative sidebar on the left side. The image itself measures 95 pixels x 1025 pixels. Web browsers on computers using screen resolutions narrower than 1024 pixels will simply chop off a portion of the graphic on the right in order to make it fit.

Here's the background image alone which will give you a better idea of its actual size (depending on your browser settings): Iron Spider Sidebar 1

NOTE: Please do not remote load or link to this background image. If you would like to use this original creation, simply right-click anywhere on this page and then click on Save Background As. If you use it for your website online, a hyperlink leading back to Iron Spider would be greatly appreciated. Here's the source code you can use:

<a href=""> Background supplied by Iron Spider</a>